Your question: How many minorities are there in Cambodia?

Is Cambodia a minority?

Ethnic Khmer make up 90-94 per cent of the entire population, with the remainder comprised of four distinct groups: Cham, indigenous highland communities, ethnic Chinese and ethnic Vietnamese, plus other smaller minority groups such as the Khmer Krom and the Kuy people.

How many hill tribes are there in Cambodia?

Numbering between 18 and 24 distinct groups, there is no consensus concerning the number or even classifications of the various hill tribes, although a UN estimate in 1992 noted six larger tribes numbering over 10,000 and twenty smaller groups of less than 3,000, perhaps in total numbering about 120,000 people, though …

Which religion is highest in Cambodia?

Theravada Buddhism has been the Cambodian state religion since the 13th century AD (excepting the Khmer Rouge period), and is currently estimated to be the religion of 97.9% of the total population.

Are Cambodian Chinese?

Chinese Cambodians, Sino-Khmers or Han Chinese Cambodians are Cambodian citizens of Han (ហាន់, Hăn) or partial Chinese ethnic descent. … Khmer people constitute the largest ethnic group in Cambodia among whom Chen means “Chinese”, was only referred to “Han” people before (confusion between ethnicity and nationality).

What is the race of Cambodia?

Although Cambodia is composed of many ethnic groups, over 80% of its people are Khmer; only the larger minority groups with the most extensive documentation will be discussed in this paper: the Vietnamese, Chams, and Chinese.

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