Your question: How much does it cost to send parcel from India to Singapore?

Which is the cheapest courier service from India to Singapore?

Dwarka Courier Service is considered one of the best cargo and courier service because we provide secure & cheapest way to send a parcel to Singapore. We offer express courier service from India with overnight or next-day delivery in Singapore.

How long does Courier take from India to Singapore?

It will take anywhere between 3 and 6 working days to deliver your parcel to Singapore from India.

Can I ship medicines from India to Singapore?

Yes, you can send medicines parcel from India to Singapore.

Can I send courier from India to Singapore?

Steps to Book D EXPRESS Courier with us.

Depending on the chargeable weight you have for your D EXPRESS Courier Parcel that you would like to ship from India to Singapore you have to choose the Weight you Simply have to click to Arrow mentioned in Blue.

How can I send parcel from India to Singapore?

From INR 1,639/- when wanting to send a courier to Singapore from India.

International Courier Charges From India to Singapore.

2 Kg INR 2,103 INR 2,928
3 Kg INR 2,749 INR 3,999
4 Kg INR 3,103 INR 4,231
5 Kg INR 3,583 INR 4,593
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How much does DHL charge per kg?

According to DHL’s official website, the standard shipping to the United States costs €8.89 for 2Kg and that is €4.45 per Kg. €4.45 to naira is approximately N2,228 (Two thousand, two hundred and twenty right Naira).

Can I send a parcel to Singapore?

40 Only. If your priority is to find the cheapest delivery service to Singapore, then you’re in the right place as it’s only from RM18. … 40 to send a parcel to Singapore with Qxpress via our platform.

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel to Singapore?

The cheapest way to send a parcel to Singapore is with DPD Drop Off International.

What Cannot be shipped to Singapore?

The following items are prohibited from importation into Singapore : Any explosive or flammable substances; … Poisons, including any preparation, solution, compounds, mixture or natural substances containing unless sent in accordance with the provisions of the Poisons Act (Cap.

How do I ship something to Singapore?

UPS offers the following delivery services to Singapore from the US:

  1. UPS Worldwide Express Plus (1-3 business days)
  2. UPS Worldwide Express (1-3 business days)
  3. UPS Worldwide Express Freight (1-3 business days)
  4. UPS Worldwide Express Freight Midday (1-3 business days)
  5. UPS Worldwide Express Saver (1-3 business days)