Your question: What is the GCV of Indonesian coal?

What is the calorific value of Indonesian coal?

Based on the calorie level, Indonesian coal is low calorie coal (<5100 cal/gram) 32.64 billion tons, medium calorie (5100-6100 cal/gram) 82.26 billion tons, high calorie (6100-7100 cal/gram) 8.27 billion tons and very high calories (> 7100 cal/gram) 2.11 billion tons.

What is the GCV of coal?

Coal Grades

Exceeding 7000 G-1
Exceeding 6700 and not exceeding 7000 G-2
Exceeding 6400 and not exceeding 6700 G-3
Exceeding 6100 and not exceeding 6400 G-4

What is Indonesian coal?

Indonesian Steam Coal is soft in texture, black & lightweight and is known for its purity, low ash, Various sizes & GAR (Gross As Received) and high thermal efficiency. The coal is available in 5200 / 5000 / 4800 GAR at Navlakhi in Gujarat. Indonesian Coal is available in 0-50 mm (Basic Size).

Does Indian coal has high ash content?

Ash content of coal produced in the country is generally 25 to 45 % whereas average ash content of imported coal varies from 10 to 20 %. Indian Coal has comparatively higher ash content than imported coal due to drift theory of formation of coal deposits in India.

How is coal GCV calculated?

The best equation has the following form: GCV= 25.284 (M) + 30.572 (Ash) + 62.127 (VM) + 138.117 (FC) – 2890.095. The result is in agree with previous work that equation involving four independent variables i.e. moisture (M), ash, volatile matter (VM) and fixed carbon (FC) provides the most accurate estimation of GCV.

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How is Coke different from coal?

Difference between coal and coke (5 points)

Coal is a lustrous, black fossil fuel that includes impurities, generates smoke, and generates less heat than coke when burned. Coke is a dingy, black coal waste that burns hotter and cleaner. … Coke is a fuel made from mineral coal that has been calcined or dry distilled.

Where Does Indonesia get its coal?

Kalimantan (Borneo) and South Sumatra are the centres of coal mining. In recent years, production in Indonesia has been rising rapidly, from just over 200 mill tons in 2007 to over 400 mill tons in 2013. In 2013, the chair of the Indonesian Coal Mining Association said the production in 2014 may reach 450 mill tons.

What is Indonesian coal used for?

Coal – a fossil fuel – is the most important energy source for electricity generation and also forms an essential fuel for the production of steel and cement.